The Attraction of Wearing Custom T-Shirts: Why You Should Invest in Shirt Printing

Have you ever noticed how weird and obscure some people’s t-shirts can be? Random phrases and symbols printed on it might spike your curiosity and even mean something to you. It might make you laugh, it might make you angry, or it just might start a conversation with a potential friend. That’s the power of customized t-shirts because they can open doors and become new sources of information and potential relationships. No matter the design, the person wearing the shirt becomes a promoter of that product or business, and one of the best parts of shirt advertising is that it’s completely free!

So, why should you invest in shirt printing? Many reasons, as word-of-mouth advertising is known to be a powerful form of advertising. People who love to support their brands or ideas can be susceptible to influence others. Shirt printing is a low-cost investment that can outlive many other forms of promotion. The quality of the shirt can determine how long it’ll be worn and can be a source of economic boom for your business.

Take, for instance, the infamous smiley face t-shirt seen in Forrest Gump. The source of that shirt came from a graphic designer, who was contracted to design the shirt for an insurance company in the 1960s. This exposure helped make million for a company called The Smiley Company. This company helped influence the t-shirt design of the band Nirvana, which is an ironic tribute to the original t-shirt, but with a punk edge. These shirts were so popular that thousands were ordered.

How should you make your t-shirts accessible? Give them away. Yes, beginning your business by giving t-shirts away will help give employees and customers a lasting impression of what your business can become. But what kind of design should you make? The models are endless. Slogans, jokes, even hashtags can all make your t-shirt design unique to your company and give your company an identity that people can recognize.

Another example of t-shirt designs that catch the memory of those who see it is the restaurant Oregano’s. With funny slogans, pop-culture references, and following trends, they convey a lightheartedness to their image brand and give people the impression of their restaurant chains.

Even if your business isn’t as big, you can also take part in cross-promotions and help event promoters look for sponsorship, and even your t-shirt design can reflect that if you so desire. When running events, having a t-shirt that people can purchase can help make the event more remember-able. Through social media, you can even use your t-shirts as part of social giveaways, and entice others to buy the t-shirt for themselves.

Custom-making t-shirts help your business communicate with your customers, provides a natural form of advertising, and helps give your business the longevity it needs to thrive. If you’re interested in getting started with your word-of-mouth advertising, then check out our pricing in the link above, or talk to one of our customer representatives with the chat button below.

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